How To Film A Wedding Ceremony

July 13, 2022

Myself + Many wedding videographers offer the full ceremony video either as an add on or built into the base package. Wedding videography is incredibly unpredictable (well honestly technology is HA). Setting up one camera just won’t cut it, and honestly gives me anxiety even thinking about! Yes the ceremony video isn’t your bread and butter, but its still important to deliver a quality video. SO here is my method!

To begin I set up three tripods one facing the partner 1, one facing Partner 2, and then I set one up and place it behind the last row (I try to hide it a bit from view from the altar). I will have 2 assistants on either side cameras and I will begin by standing with the photographer, getting Partner 1 walking down and Partner 2s reaction. Enjoy my beautiful drawing lmao! (Note that my camera has a 24-70mm lens and both side cameras have 85mm focused on the couples faces)

Once the couple has settled into their positions facing at the front I will run back to a position straight down the aisle and grab the tripod I had set up and click onto that.

I find that this method

1. makes it super easy to piece the video together.

2. works well with photographers

Always be sure to double check with photographers to make sure what you’re doing will not disrupt their workflow! This way has never been an issue with photographers and makes for a quality ceremony video!

-Em <3