3 Ways to level up your weddings films!

August 12, 2022

Wedding filmmaking is a complex beast. Looking back from when I started making films, to now, a myriad of things have changed. Equipment, technique, skill, knowledge are all factors that made my films go from amateur to professional. BUT all of this to say here are three HUGE things that have changed for me.

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Shooting in log was never my priority + I didn’t even know what log was. But, the second I was informed of log, I tried it out and never looked back. Gone were the days where I would shoot in the wrong temperature and there was no fixing my color mistakes.

Weddings in particular are stressful + fast paced. I think I realized that sometimes we don’t have enough time to make sure every setting is exactly perfect just like wedding photographers have raw, we have log. It saves us the headache of making a settings error and having no fix.

Every camera brand has a different name for log, Sony has S-log and canon has c-log, there are also different variations of log. Cinema cameras in particular have a few different log options but usually on a run of the mill DSLR you will have one option.

Shooting in log is a lifesaver and really gives you the freedom to color grade exactly how you want.


From the beginning, I have had moving shots. When I have a shot, I shoot it while moving to the right or left. At this point its a subconscious habit. I see this A LOT especially with beginners ( I still catch myself doing it) but, YOU DON’T NEED TO MOVE.

You may be asking “okay Emily, that’s great but what do we do instead” Ah, yes I do have a solution. The thing different (aside from audio) from photo and video is movement, so the question is how do we create movement without moving? Pay attention to movement.

What is moving, is it a tree in the wind, a bird in the sky, etc and capture that. Focus on capturing movement in a frame rather than moving the actual frame. I think this creates shots that are much more advanced and intriguing.

Don’t move unless there is intention behind it!


This is the only tip that is a “interpret this for yourself” tip. As the tip above mentions, intention is everything.

My filmmaking process has leveled up because I ask myself at every single point “Am I being intentional?” Am I showing this clip because it matters to the story or am I showing it because I feel like I have to.

I think the more I’ve moved away from this idea of must have shots the more I can tell my couples stories authentically. Detail shots have a time and a place but 2 minutes of just florals really can muddle a story. So be intentional, you don’t have to use that dress shot, you don’t have to use that detail shot.

The couple will have photos of these things so really think hard about why you include everything you do.

X Em